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Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine

Except for drying green tea leaf , the industrial microwave vacuum  dryer is also can  used for drying and sterilizing various kinds of food---snack food, agricultural products, fish slice, slice dried meat, bean products, instant noodles, fast food, dried fruit, tea, herbs, karaoke powder, fruit and vegetable in the form of powder, granules, slice, etc.It maximizes the preservation for activity of materials and vitamins, color & nutrition of food. It makes the goods drying and sterilizing at the same time.  The principle of the microwave dryer equipment: the magnetron produce microwave, the microwave penetrate the material, the water molecule(hydrone) friction, getting the result of heating drying and sterilizing.

Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine

Microwave Dryer Machine

Main Features of Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine

1. Dryer is compact, has small dry area and a large superficial area. It features small scale of heat elimination &high thermal efficiency

2. Mesh belt conveyors and thermal insulation boards all use stainless steel material, making the equipment clean and sanitary.

3. The speed of mesh belt conveyor is adjustable. The drying period for food in the oven can be adjusted.

4. The automatic temperature control system makes it possible to set the temperature according to your needs.

Microwave Dryer Machine



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Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine
Microwave Vacuum Dryer Machine
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