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Microwave Food Dryer

Microwave dryer is one of the most popular drying machine for  food ,agricaltural products  and other chemical products. Microwave dryer and sterilizer machinery  is used under the effect of microwave electromagnetic field, and the processed materials are evenly heated from outside to internal and dry and dehydrated. At the same time, it is sterilizing under the dual action of microwave heat effect and non thermal effect. Therefore, the material has completed the sterilization process at the same time. The microwave dryer and sterilizer machinery is automatic. The temperature control system, automatic control microwave density system, automatic alarm system, video surveillance system, transmission belt automatic deviation system, transmission frequency control system, material control system, PLC control system and so on. Microwave tube adopts Japanese Panasonic brand, transformer can choose oil immersion cooling, air cooling and self cooling, which can ensure the continuous operation of equipment for 24 hours. Microwave drying sterilization equipment adopts streamlined operation, simple operation, high yield, environmental protection, fast heating speed, uniform heating and good controllability.

Microwave Food Dryer

Microwave Dryer

Microwave Food Dryer

Food drying and sterilizing microwave equipment features

1、Fast drying: food microwave drying time is short and fast.Usually 3,4 minutes can complete, save the drying time greatly

2、Fully functional: drying,sterilization,insect killing,anti-mold can be completed simultaneously, reduce other equipment investment, shorten processing craft.

3、The quality is good: the effective nutrient composition of the raw material is greatly guaranteed,the color degree of the original material is maintained, the freshness period and shelf life of the material are extended.

4、Simple operation: microwave equipment is simple, advanced technology, easy to operate, save the floor area, save energy and improve working conditions

5、Applicable materials: widely used in sesame, soybean, rice. wheat, millet, mung bean, red bean, etc. Puffy food, microwave puffing overcame Fried expanded product oil and extrusion caused food should be appropriate sex change disadvantages, such has the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection;For meat, shrimp,microwave oven curing microwave drying is to open up a new field of application technology in the modern leisure food, unique flavor and rich in protein, high nutritional w by domestic consumers especially the young people like.

Microwave dryer





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Packaging & Shipping

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Microwave Food Dryer
Microwave Food Dryer
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