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    3 Deck Veneer Roller Dryer for plywood production line

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Professional Shine Veneer Roller Dryer Introduction

Shine Machinery is the professional supplier of veneer roller dryer in china. The 3 deck veneer roller dryer has a higher drying capacity compared to the 1 and 2 deck dryer while pricing is more favorable at the same time compared to 4 deck veneer dryer. Shine veneer roller dryer can consistently produce high-quality veneer that has a uniform dry moisture content, and aesthetic appearance, and is supple enough to minimize damage during the stacking process. 

The 3 deck veneer roller dryer runs without a thermal oil heater or steam boiler. It uses waste wood-fired air heater/Biomass Burner which is our new patented product. It eliminates heat loss by directly heating air and supplying to the dryer instead of indirect heating of Oil or water. As the waste wood, waste veneers, tree barks, rind, chips, etc. are the most cost economical fuel compared to the coal, gas, steam or oil and the burning temperature is high enough to dry veneer to a right moisture content level, the shine veneer roller dryer has the lowest drying cost. The temperature in the biomass burner is up to 1000 degrees Celsius and 140-200 degrees celsius in the heating section of the dryer, which is enough temperature to remove the extra moisture out of the green veneer. 

Veneer Dryer Model

veneer dryer scheme drawing .jpg

More Pictures About 3 Deck Veneer Making Equipments

4Deck Veneer Dryers

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4Deck Veneer Dryers

Biomass Burner for Veneer Dryer

Shine Packing and Shipment 


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Dryer Type: Roller Veneer Dryer
Working Width: 3000mm
Certification: ISO,CE
Voltage: 380V
Brand: Shine
Veneer Thickness: 0.6-8mm
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3 Deck Veneer Roller Dryer for plywood production line
3 Deck Veneer Roller Dryer for plywood production line
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