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Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

The veneer roller dryer is mainly used for the drying of veneers. It is an economical method to reduce the moisture content of the veneer to minimize the loss of the plate and meet the veneer requirements of the drying veneer process. This environmental veneer dryer effectively solves difficult issues such as hard to dry, long drying cycle, uneven drying, easy to crack, deformation and low yield, and other problems during the drying process. Compared to other types of veneer dryers, the best advantage of the waste wood veneer drying machine is that the fuel cost is low and can make full use of the waste wood of the peeling machine, which can also save space for the users.

Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

Advantages of Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

1. The well-developed heat exchange system fully improves the energy utilization rate and saves unnecessary energy waste. 

2. The control cabinet has automatic temperature control and speed regulation system, which can accurately control the final moisture content. Simple operation and low failure rate.

3. The temperature in the burner is 40-60 ℃ higher than that of the traditional dryer (steam, thermal oil), and the temperature is controlled at 140-180℃, which shortens the drying time and increases the output.

4. After drying, the veneer is smooth, with no cracks, wrinkles, or end ripples.

5. Shrinkage and hardening are kept to a minimum and veneer collapse and honeycomb structure are avoided.

6. We have a professional R&D team that can design different models according to customers' special requirements.

7. The perfect after-sale service team can supply 24 hours online service.

Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

Product Parameter of Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

Model No


Working Width




Roller material

Q235B, φ102 special shaft tube

Heating area length


Cooling area length


Veneer thickness and size


Veneer water moisture

Fresh veneer to about 8-10%

Heating material & drying temperature

Waste wood, 140-200°C adjustable. Temperature control accuracy ±5°C. There is automatic temperature control and speed regulation system, which can guarantee the moisture content is consistent.

Drying capacity (m³/day)


Veneer transport speed

5-22m/min16A chain

Hot air blower

Power: 4KW(24pc

Traction motor

Power: 5.5KWfrequency control4pc

Cold air blower

Power: 4KW(4pc

Air intake fan

Power: 11KW1pc

10 ton biomass burner

Power: 16.5KW

Total power


Actual electricity consumption

About 114kwh per hour

Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 


Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer

Customer Case

Customer Case



The Factory

The Factory

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

Working Width: 3m
Certification: CE;ISO
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Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer
Continuous Veneer Jet Roller Dryer
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