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    Wood Core Veneer Spindle less Peeling Machine

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Wood Core Veneer Spindle less Peeling Machine

The wood core veneer spindle less peeling machine is one of the important machines in plywood making production. It is a continuous veneer strip that converts logs of a certain length and diameter into a veneer of a certain size after cutting. The plywood veneer-making machine is closely related to the production and quality of plywood.

Veneer Peeling Machine

Features and Advantages

1. Double roller drive ensure good stability and high uniformity peeler

2. Automatic adjustment of cutting system, skin is much more uniform and smooth. Apply to woods with different diameters.

3. Heavy bearing ensures smooth and steady operation of the machine.

4. During the rotary cutting production, the machine can adjust the thickness of two kinds of veneer constantly and won't cause the crack of the veneers.

5. Hydraulic knife holder saving manpower, simple operation, and automation

6. Automatic adjust knife sewing--double convex rail design structure, more accurate, faster, and more stable than original single convex rail adjustment, and no manual screw adjustment workers, saving manpower.

In addition to the 4 feet veneer making machine, our factory also has 6 feet veneer making machine and 8 feet veneer making machine. We are a professional manufacturer of plywood machines, this is just one of our machines. In addition, we can also customize the machine according to your production requirements.

Veneer Peeling Machine

Exhibition and Customer Visiting


Customer Visiting

The Factory

The Factory

Our Services

Pre-sale services:

1) Provide the free consultation of all plywood production line

2) According to the clients' special requirement, offering the reasonable plan and free design to help to select the equipment.

3) Welcome to visit our factory.

Services during the sales:

1) Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.

2) Oversea install and debug the equipment.

3) Train the first-line operator.

After sale services:

1) 24 hours online service.

2) Provide the VIDEO with Install and debug the equipment.

3) Provide technical exchanging(Technical phone:+8615806625431)Door to door service is possible.

Certification: CE;ISO
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Wood Core Veneer Spindle less Peeling Machine
Wood Core Veneer Spindle less Peeling Machine
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