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8FT Spindle Less Veneer Peeling Machine

Log debarking machine is an essential machine in plywood product projects. The purpose is to remove the bark from the tree logs and make log core round. Usually the max. working width is 8 ft, 6 ft, and 4 ft. With three sets of rollers, (double rows rollers + single row roller). the complete log debarking machine is made of three parts, log feeder, waste conveyor, and log debarker. We could design the log feeder according to the buyer's request.

Veneer Peeling Machine

The Main Features of Veneer Peeling Machine

1. Double roller drive ensure good stability and high uniformity peeler

2. Taiwan HIWIN linear guide rail ensure the veneer is more smooth and uniform

3. Japan bearing ensure smooth and steady operation of the machine

4. T10 reducer-low vibration, smooth and steady transmission, low noise.

5. Hydraulic knife holder saving manpower, simple operation and automation

6. Automatic adjust knife sewing--double convex rail design structure, more accurate, faster and more stable than original single convex rail adjustment, and no manual screw adjustment workers, saving manpower.

Veneer Peeling Machine

Main Technical Specifications of Veneer Peeling Machine



Shine 1400 mm

Log dimension processing

500 *1400 mm

Rotary knife specification

1500 * 180 *16 mm

Diameter of rollers

150 mm

Linear speed


Reference output

30 m³/ day

Hydraulic system power

7.5 kW

Driving roller power

5.5 kW * 2 or 7.5 kW * 2

Pressure roller power

5.5 kW * 2 or 7.5 kW * 2

Feeding cylinder diameter

80 mm * 2

Product dimension

4000 * 2200 * 1800 mm


4000 kgs

Veneer Peeling Machine

Customer Case

Customer Case



The Factory

The Factory

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging & Shipping

Certification: CE;ISO
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8FT Spindle Less Veneer Peeling Machine
8FT Spindle Less Veneer Peeling Machine
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