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Shine small vertical dryer
2024-01-09 10:25:08

Shine economical vertical dryer is a type of horizontal dryer and a drying equipment based on the principle of two-way conveying. The material is manually put into the upper grid plate of the dryer inlet from the head of the dryer. The material is evenly distributed on the grid plate and runs smoothly to the tail of the dryer. The special turning mechanism of the vertical dryer moves the material The materials are smoothly unloaded into the lower layer. After the materials are dried, they are transported to the discharge port of the dryer head and sent out. The materials are distributed evenly and reasonably inside the dryer, and the hot air drying time is about 40 minutes. The heat source adopts the built-in combustion furnace technology, which can burn the waste wood handles cut by the rotary cutting machine, saving raw material costs. The temperature of the drying area is 100-130°C and the temperature is adjustable. It can dry 770 boards at one time. It saves energy, occupies a small area, is cheap, requires less labor, has high drying efficiency and low later operating costs.

 vertical dryer