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Features of veneer dryer
2024-01-05 10:09:39

Shine veneer dryer mainly has the following features:

1. The power of the whole machine is reduced by 30%

The hot air fan and cold air fan of the veneer dryer adopt new axial flow fans, which not only fully guarantees the air volume required for drying, but also reduces the total installed power, further reducing the user's later operating costs.

2. Heat source - biomass burner

The biomass burner can directly burn various waste wood and has the main characteristics of environmental protection and fuel saving. Compared with steam or thermal oil furnace dryers, the drying cost is greatly reduced. It has realized the use of local materials and turning waste into treasure. Greatly reduces energy costs in the veneer drying process.

3. Fully automatic control and frequency conversion control system

It adopts fully automatic control and frequency conversion control system, which can automatically adjust the transmission speed and temperature according to different veneer thickness and moisture content to achieve the ideal drying effect and accurately control the moisture content. It avoids the phenomenon that a large number of veneers are over-dried or the drying fails to meet the process requirements.

4. Heat exchange system

Shenghuai heat exchangers adopt step-by-step heat exchange. The specifications of the heat exchangers in each section are different. The hot air in the heat exchanger can be evenly distributed to the single board. The dried veneer has uniform moisture content, is flat, has no wrinkles or end ripples, no cracks, and the surface is in good bonding condition, fully improving energy utilization and saving unnecessary energy waste.

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