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Shine Biomass Veneer Drying Machine with Patented Technology
2019-08-30 15:36:07

Shine Biomass Veneer Drying Machine Advantages

(1) patent andenergy saving

(2) smoke-free and environmental protection

(3) under the traditional way, the veneer is usually dried in the sun. And it's affected by the weather; However, veneer dryer drying is not easy to deformation, low damage rate, high cost rate; It's not affected by the weather.

(4) both the steam type and the heat conduction oil type need customers to provide heat sources and furnaces, among which the steam type needs the boiler with high cost, while the heat conduction oil type needs 2 furnaces. After two heat exchanges, some heat loss is not conducive to achieving the ideal drying effect; Compared with the two, biomass combustion furnace not only saves the cost, but also achieves the ideal drying effect.