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High Quality Of Wood Dryer
2019-09-02 10:00:19

The higher the capacity of wood chip board dryers, the more obvious benefits to manufacturers. So how to choose a high-yield wood chip board dryer? Shandong Shine Machinery  Co., Ltd. successfully developed a double deck veneer dryer can directly increase the original output by 1.8 times, effectively help customers to enhance the output, and dried wood veneer smooth and clean, high yield of the first grade board. Is the home industry packaging industry, the major timber factory ideal material.  General knowledge of dryer equipment: mechanical, statics and fluid principles that mechanical planners should have, combined with modern planning methods, are used to carry out theoretical equipment on the basis of mathematics. What are the current drying techniques and methods, how the drier drive system works, how the transportation system cooperates with the dryer equipment, and how the air flow inside the dryer equipment works and the working principle of the fan, and so on.


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