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Installation process of wood veneer dryer
2023-12-13 10:28:56

Since the veneer dryer is a long and large-scale equipment, the correct order and method should be followed when installing the veneer dryer. The correct installation process is as follows:

1. Draw the foundation line: correctly draw the cross lines and elevation lines on the foundation mark plate, and bury the center mark board to be easy to use, accurate and consider that the machine base will not be covered after installation.

2. Install the base and the tugboat: level the pad iron position, mark out the center line of the base and the tugboat, find the installation positions of the base and the tugboat according to the requirements of the drawing, level and straighten them, first grout the foundation hole, and make the concrete reach a certain strength. At this time, tighten the anchor bolts. After passing the re-examination, install the cylinder again.

veneer dryer

3. Install the cylinder and rolling ring: first install the rolling ring on the cylinder. The concave joints required for fixation should be arranged in an upright and reverse manner, and adjust the thickness of the pad to maintain contact between the rolling ring and the concave joint. The corresponding gaps must not be consistent, and the concave joint bolt head and the cylinder body must be spot welded.

4. Install the large gear: Before installation, check that there are no traces of collision on the docking surface interface, clean the contact surface between the large gear and the cylinder, then carefully align the two halves of the gear and tighten the interface bolts, and then install the large gear on the cylinder. physically. Rotate the cylinder and check the radial runout and lateral swing of the large gear until the adjustment is qualified.

5. Install the small gear, reducer, and motor: According to the installed large gear, adjust the meshing parameters of the large and small gears and meet the equipment requirements, and fix the positions of the small gear, reducer motor.

6. Install the gear cover so that it is evenly spaced from the edge of the gear.

plywood veneer dryer