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What are the preparations before testing the veneer dryer?
2024-01-18 09:38:20

Veneer dryers generally need to make preparations before the official test run to ensure that the test run can proceed normally. The preparation work required before the test run mainly includes the following points:

Warming furnace: The high-temperature-resistant material poured into the burner is very thick, and the moisture in the furnace needs to be dried out so that it can be used easily in the future. Pay special attention to avoid rapid fire. Fuel: Log wood, white bark of branches, etc. No need for sawdust.

Debugging: Before testing the machine, it is necessary to complete the debugging work. Check whether the electrical components, circuits, and instruments are normal. Take a look at the circuit first to ensure that there is a display on each control cabinet. According to the customer's drying volume and required moisture content Adjust temperature, speed, etc. When debugging, pay special attention to the forward and reverse rotation of the motor!

Inspection: You also need to check whether the chain roller is running, whether the upper plate retracting part is normal, whether the fan is working normally, whether the motor and gears are refueled, etc. These all need to be checked. After all preparations are done, the dryer can be officially tested. Our engineers will not return until the dryer can operate normally.

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