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Veneer dryer purchased by Zimbabwean customer is running!
2024-03-14 10:18:40

Our Zimbabwean customer purchased a 2 deck 30 m with 4 tons of burning machine is currently in operation, the customer is used to dry pine and eucalyptus 2.45mm thick, the feedback is very good, the later expansion of production capacity will continue to purchase. We are very grateful to our customers for their trust in us, if you also want to know more product information, we welcome to contact us at any time!

This dryer is the use of new technology, the whole machine power can be reduced by 35%, greatly reduce the electricity consumption, so as to save costs, equipped with biomass burner, can directly burn a variety of waste bark, save fuel costs. With automatic control and frequency conversion control system, the transmission speed and temperature can be automatically adjusted according to different veneer thickness and water content to achieve the ideal drying effect.

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