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Rainy Seasons in Vietnam
2021-05-11 15:53:48

The rainy season runs from June to November with the highest rainfall occurring from June to August. During the rainy time, you will most likely see sudden and heavy downpour rain in mid-afternoon in Ho Chi Minh City. Also, there is frequent flooding in the months between July and August.

North Vietnam's rainy season falls between May and October, along with lots of sunshine. Hence the temperature in Northern Vietnam during this period also higher than in the South, it is between280C to 380C degree.

North's rainy season often lasts from 2 to 3 weeks and more heavily from Jul to October, it does not mean there is no rain in the remaining months. There is drizzling rain the spring for flowers and trees to bloom for the biggest holiday-Tet. There are downpours in summer which come fast and go fast as well for about half an hour. Then, in autumn, the rain lasts up to 30 days.

  • Central Vietnam Rainy season

Central Rainy season occurs around September to December and sometimes along with storms causing floods. These floods prevent tourists from sight-seeing activities. During the rainy season, tourists sometimes need to use a small boat to travel around, which might be an interesting experience. 

Hue and Nha Trang have rain between September and December while Da Nang and Hoi An encounter a large amount of rain between October and December. You may see a flooding scene at the end of the year when local people have to travel by boat to reach their destinations. 

  • Southern Vietnam Rainy season

The rainy season often starts between April and September or October in South Vietnam. During this time, June, July, and August have the highest levels of rain. The average rainfall is around 11 inches per month, which is more than other areas you visit the entire year. 

However the rainy in south Vietnam normally heavy and short, no rain takes longer than 3 hours so it doesn't influent much on your travel. 

A small tip if visit south Vietnam during the rainy season: only visit Cu Chi Tunnel in the morning because the rain normally happens in the afternoon.