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Precautions for using veneer dryer
2024-03-05 10:56:06

The shine veneer dryer has the characteristics of large drying output, good effect, and easy maintenance. It has been unanimously recognized by customers and has been widely used. However, some customers always report that the efficiency of the wood chip drying equipment is not high. This is due to insufficient It is caused by paying attention to the details in the work. So what are the precautions when using veneer drying equipment?

We always hope that the veneer can dry quickly, so we set the temperature to be very high and the temperature rises very quickly. In fact, drying veneer is a matter of haste, waste of speed. If we heat up too quickly during work, it will cause the wood chips to The internal structure is unstable, which will lead to cracking and deformation of the wood chips. Therefore, when working, it is necessary to ensure that the veneer dryer heats up stably and not to force it. It ensures that the wood chips are evenly heated so that the hot air can evenly blow to every part of the wood chip veneer. 

veneer dryer

The following points should be paid attention to when using a veneer dryer:

1. When using the dryer, be careful not to put too many boards for drying at one time. Pay attention to the uniform thickness and consistent size of the wood placed.

2. Pay attention to the ventilation of the dryer: When drying, the temperature inside the machine is relatively high, so the heat dissipation of the machine itself must be done well. Heat dissipation treatment must also be done around the dryer, and attention should be paid to keeping the heat dissipation in normal working order. state.

3. When not in use, it must be cleaned regularly, and it is also necessary to refuel some parts. Check the machine regularly and do maintenance work.

4. When using the dryer, the technical parameters should be adjusted and controlled based on the drying conditions. If there are any abnormal failures during the use of the dryer, check and repair it in time.

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