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How to maintain the veneer dryer
2024-02-27 13:39:11

Many people don't know how to perform maintenance when using the dryer to better extend its service life. Today I will show you the daily maintenance of the veneer dryer.

1. Clean the inside and outside of the dryer regularly to ensure good ventilation and smooth hot air flow.

2. Check the connections and components of the electrical system to see if the components are damaged, aged or loose. If necessary, repair or replace defective parts.

3. Regularly check the fasteners, belts and chains of the transmission system, lubricate and replace necessary parts.

4. Check the normal operation of the fan, exhaust system and water circulation system.

5. Pay special attention to safety matters during maintenance. Make sure the dryer is powered off and cool before inspection and maintenance, and wear protective equipment if necessary.

The above are some maintenance points. The specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on the dryer model and manufacturer. For more details, you can ask the manufacturer you purchased it from.

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